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This study was aimed to evaluate the reproductive performance of rabbit does artificially inseminated (AI) with a GnRH analogue [des-Gly10, D-Ala6]-LHRH. ethylamide to induce ovulation by intravaginal administration, delivered in the seminal dose. In a preliminary experiment, 39 does were divided into three groups (n = 13) that, at the time of AI, received(More)
This study aims to determine if Pregnant Mare Serum Gonadotrophin (PMSG), used for oestrous synchronization in multiparous lactating does, could be replaced by one of the following lighting schedules without impairing reproductive performance: (a) 12-h L (light)/12-h D (dark) or (b) 8-h L/16-h D, until day 6 before artificial insemination (AI), when in both(More)
This study was aimed at determining if a GnRH analogue, buserelin, could be used for ovulation induction in rabbit does submitted to artificial insemination (AI) by intravaginal administration, by adding the hormone to the seminal dose. In a first experiment, 39 secondiparous experimental does (Hyplus strain PS19, Grimaud Frères, France, of about 30 weeks(More)
The possibility of modifying the sex ratio of rabbit litters was examined in two experiments involving artificial insemination (AI) with fresh semen. Three time periods of AI, relative to ovulation, were used in Experiment 1: (a) control, GnRH was administered immediately after AI with ovulation estimated to occur 10-12h after AI; (b) early AI, GnRH was(More)
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