Maria-Dolores Cano

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Communications networks, particularly Internet, allow starting new businesses, to improve the current ones, and to offer an easiest access to new markets. Nowadays, Internet connects millions of terminals in the world, and it is a goal that this connection could be done with anyone, at any moment, and anywhere. In order to achieve this target, new lax and(More)
The emergence of low-cost connected devices is enabling a new wave of sensorization services. These services can be highly leveraged in industrial applications. However, the technologies employed so far for managing this kind of system do not fully cover the strict requirements of industrial networks, especially those regarding energy efficiency. In this(More)
In this paper we present the most significant results studying the Internet network traffic measurements obtained in Ciez@net. Ciez@net is a citizen subnet located in the village of Cieza that belongs to the regional network of the Autonomous Community of Murcia in Spain. This subnet is one of the firsts pilot experiences of a Digital City in Europe and the(More)
As Internet is rapidly growing and receiving traffic from multimedia applications that are sensitive to available bandwidth and delay experienced in the network, there is a strong need for quality of service (QoS) support. The Integrated and Differentiated Service models are two approaches for adding QoS to Internet. The Assured Service is an end-to-end(More)
Traffic conditioners play a key role in implementing the Assured Service in the framework of the DiffServ approach. Many research papers have focused on finding the best traffic conditioner able to assure contracted target rates and to fairly distribute the excess bandwidth among competing sources. Nevertheless, none of the proposals presented so far(More)
Wireless networks are more and more common in current communications networks. Nevertheless, wireless communications entail a big concern: security. The use of X.509v3 certificates to carry out authentication tasks is an approach to improve security. These certificates are usually employed with the RSA algorithm. Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) is a(More)