Maria-Doina Schipor

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In this paper we present our work about Computer Based Speech Therapy systems optimization. We focus especially in using a fuzzy expert system in order to determine specific parameters of personalized therapy i.e. number, length and content of training sessions. The efficiency of this new approach was tested during an experiment performed with our CBST,(More)
  • 2010
At the level of the European Union, there is a high concern for the persons with pronunciation difficulties, which led to the emergence of several speech assisted therapy systems (CBTS-Computer Based Speech Training) both for commercial and research purposes. A CBTS is a system for training and developing speech in the case of persons with hearing or(More)
This article describes the recognition part of a system that will be used for personalized therapy of dyslalia affecting pre scholars. Dyslalia is a speech disorder that affect pronunciation of one ore many sounds. The full system targets interdisciplinary research (computer science, psychology, electronics) having as main objective the development of(More)
In this paper we present architecture of a fuzzy expert system used for therapy of dyslalic children. With fuzzy approach we can create a better model for speech therapist decisions. A software interface was developed for validation of the system. The main objectives of this task are: personalized therapy (the therapy must be in according with child’s(More)
1 Abstract — In order to improve children speech therapy, we develop a Fuzzy Expert System based on a speech therapy guide. This guide, write in natural language, was formalized using fuzzy logic paradigm. In this manner we obtain a knowledge base with over 150 rules and 19 linguistic variables. All these researches, including expert system validation, are(More)
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