Maria De Luis

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BACKGROUND AND AIMS In dioecious species male and female plants experience different selective pressures and often incur different reproductive costs. An increase in reproductive investment habitually results in a reduction of the resources available to other demands, such as vegetative growth. Tree-ring growth is an integrative measure that tracks(More)
Fire behaviour under experimental conditions is described in nine Mediterranean gorse shrublands ranging from 3-12 years of age with different fuel loads. Significant differences in the fire-line intensity, fuel load and rate of fire spread have been found to be related to the stage of development of the communities. Fire spread is correlated with fuel(More)
The femoral hypoplasia - unusual facies syndrome is a rare disorder, which was described first three decades ago. It is characterised by the occurrence of short femurs with certain associated alterations mainly affecting the face, of which micrognathia is the most frequently found. Although the etiology of this condition is unknown, clear relationship with(More)
In Western Mediterranean areas, fires are frequent in forests established on old croplands where woody resprouting species are scarce and post-fire regeneration is limited to obligate-seeder species, such as Mediterranean gorse (Ulex parviflorus), that accumulate a great deal of fine dry fuel, increasing the risk of other severe fires. Under these(More)
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