Maria D Solenghi

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Total CoQ10 levels were evaluated in whole blood and in plasma obtained from a group of 83 healthy donors. Extraction with light petroleum ether/methanol was more efficient, for whole blood, than the extraction which is often used for plasma and serum, i.e., ethanol hexane. An excellent correlation was present between plasma CoQ10 and whole blood CoQ10.(More)
Anaesthetics have gained a lot of attention for their potential mutagenic/carcinogenic effects. In the present study we have investigated the genotoxicity of the inhalation anaesthetic sevoflurane on DNA of lymphocytes isolated from 20 patients undergoing orthopaedic surgery. The genotoxicity of the anaesthetic was studied by assaying DNA damage, apoptosis,(More)
Steady state inactivation data on dilute aqueous solutions of RNase show that all water radicals, e-aq, OH, and H are responsible for the inactivation, but the most efficient radical is H atom, only about 4 of them being required for one inactivating event. The data are, therefore, more in agreement with the conclusions of Mee et al. (1972). In the(More)
BACKGROUND Percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty (PTCA) constitutes a clinical model of reperfusion following a short period of ischemia connected to balloon inflation during the procedure. During the procedure some ischemic damage and oxidative injury related to free radical attack might occur. In the present study we investigated the extent of(More)
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