Maria Cuevas-Rodriguez

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This paper presents a cognitive architecture for a camera robotic assistant aimed at providing the proper camera view of the operating area in an autonomous way. The robotic system is composed of a miniature camera robot and an external robotic arm. The camera robot is introduced into the abdominal cavity and handled by the external robot through magnetic(More)
This paper describes the design and implementation of a robotic vision system for single-site surgery. The system is composed of a wireless miniature camera robot with magnetic pan and tilt capabilities, and an external robotic arm to guide the camera along the abdominal wall. The camera robot is provided with a set of magnets, and a magnetic holder is(More)
The VRPN OpenHaptics Server, as the name indicates, is a VRPN server based on the OpenHaptics SDK, used to manage Geomagic Haptic Devices. The VRPN standard distribution includes a server to handle Geomagic® force feedback haptic devices (formerly Phantom haptic device), called VRPN Phantom server. This server has been implemented using the Ghost(More)
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