Maria Cristina Vecchi

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IJalld-st.ruct urc, ollect s been incorporated in the framework of {.he SphericalIIarnlol~ics k;xpansion ( S H E ) of the Boltz~nann Transport Equat.ion ( B T E ) for ~lcctrons ill silicon [ I ] , using t.he densit,y of ( D O S ) and the group velocity ( C V ) obt.ained from t,he full-band syst.em [2]. In t,his paper an impactionizat.ion(More)
In a spherical-harmonics expansion formulation of the semi-classical Boltzmann transport equation (BTE) the influence of surface-scattering mechanisms on mobility are investigated, accounting for both global and local scattering mechanisms, with reference to holes in silicon. The analysis successfully reproduces the experimental data.
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