Maria Cristina Vallejo

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Recently, bone tissue engineering emerged as a viable therapeutic alternative, comprising bone implants and new personalized scaffolds to be used in bone replacement and regeneration. In this study, biocompatible scaffolds were produced by freeze-drying, using different formulations (chitosan, chitosan/gelatin, chitosan/β-TCP and chitosan/gelatin/β-TCP) to(More)
a r t i c l e i n f o At the core of this paper lays the notion that a systematic analysis of material flow accounts enables us to discuss the sustainability of an economic model. Ecuador is going through a socio-ecological transition from an agrarian towards an industrial regime, based on the use of nonrenewable sources of materials and energy. Direct(More)
Studies carried out in various countries have determined the presence of organochlorine insecticides in human and cow's milk. To quantify this contamination in Colombia, the concentrations of these insecticides were measured in 170 samples of milk from lactating mothers in Bogotá (105 samples) and three agricultural areas where fumigation is done frequently(More)
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