Maria Cristina Cimicchi

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The purpose of this study was to validate methods for the perioperative management of diabetic patients that meet the prerequisites of simplicity, applicability in the absence of a diabetologist, and flexibility, to rapidly meet changing metabolic requirements. The patients were divided into two groups that were comparable for age, sex distribution, type of(More)
To determine whether the blockade of the dopaminergic system is capable of modifying glucose-induced insulin release in man, the responses of insulin to an iv glucose load were measured at various domperidone infusion rates. The infusion of 5 micrograms/kg/min of domperidone increased significantly plasma insulin levels during the acute phase of(More)
The metabolic effects of calcium channels blockers have already been studied hoth in normal and diabetic humans and results were quite controversial, depending on the drug used, the dose edministered, and the type of patient. Little information exists on the use of Ca2+ antagonists in obese people, even if these persons are a population risk group for(More)
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