Maria Copeland

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PURPOSE The impact of the presence of a germ-line BRCA1 mutation on gene expression in normal breast fibroblasts after radiation-induced DNA damage has been investigated. EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN High-density cDNA microarray technology was used to identify differential responses to DNA damage in fibroblasts from nine heterozygous BRCA1 mutation carriers(More)
Deleterious mutations in the BRCA1 gene predispose women to an increased risk of breast and ovarian cancer. Many functional studies have suggested that BRCA1 has a role in DNA damage repair and failure in the DNA damage response pathway often leads to the accumulation of chromosomal aberrations. Here, we have compared normal lymphocytes with those(More)
Understanding ontology evolution is becoming an active topic of interest to ontology engineers, e.g., we have large collaborative developed ontolo-gies but, unlike software engineering, comparatively little is understood about the dynamics of historical changes, especially at a fine level of granularity. Only recently has there been a systematic analysis of(More)
The Software Ontology Project (SWO) is a community effort to build an ontology that models software used in the generation and analysis of data for curation and preservation purposes in areas such as biomedicine. In community driven efforts, requirements are elicited from the members of these communities to help ensure the ontology is fit for purpose. This(More)
We experimentally demonstrate wavelength conversion in the 2 µm region by four-wave mixing in an AsSe and a GeAsSe chalcogenide photonic crystal fibers. A maximum conversion efficiency of −25.4 dB is measured for 112 mW of coupled continuous wave pump in a 27 cm long fiber. We estimate the dispersion parameters and the nonlinear refractive indexes of the(More)
Preface Developing ontologies is not an easy task and, as the ontologies grow in size, they are likely to show a number of defects. Such ontologies, although often useful, also lead to problems when used in semantically-enabled applications. Wrong conclusions may be derived or valid conclusions may be missed. Defects in ontologies can take different forms.(More)
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