Maria Constantinou

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INTRODUCTION Urinary bladder carcinoma ranks the fourth position in malignancy incidence rates in men (6.1%) and the 17th position in women (1.6%). In general, neoplastic diseases should be approached from two perspectives: prevention with implementation of prophylactic measures and early diagnostics. Prophylactics is possible in the preclinical phase of(More)
Kohonen self-organizing maps (SOMs) are unsupervised Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs) that are good for low-density data visualization. They easily deal with complex and nonlinear relationships between variables. We evaluated molecular events that characterize high- and low-grade BC pathways in the tumors from 104 patients. We compared the ability of(More)
Endometrial cancer belongs to the most frequently diagnosed malignant neoplasms of female genital organs, and its incidence is steadily growing. For the timebeing, no chromosomal aberrations have been determined unequivocally, which would be specific for the particular stages of endometrial hyperplasia and neoplastic transformation development. The goal of(More)
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