Maria Conceição Bernardo de Mello E Souza

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This study aimed to draw a profile of nursing graduate students' attitudes towards mental disorders in three different cultures: Brazil, Chile and Peru. The opinion scale for mental disorders was applied. The results showed statistically significant differences (5%) in terms of authoritarianism, mental hygiene ideology, serial restriction and minority(More)
The dynamics of alluvial deposits in floodplains forms islands and sandbanks. Deposits frequently accumulate at the river margins and on islands with consequent side growths. One of these sandbanks which started to form in 1952 annexed an area of 12.4ha to the Porto Rico island (5315’W and 2245’S). At present a forest fragment of approximately 2.0 ha exists(More)
This study aimed at analyzing how the undergraduate student perceives professor's performance in the teaching-learning process, in courses using the critical pedagogy and dialogical competence approach, in the Nursing Bachelor's Program, from 2005 to 2006. An instrument for the assessment of the professors performance was used and answers from 142 students(More)
The purpose was to identify the feelings of users associated with the diagnosis of Diabetes Mellitus (DM), the difficulties inherent of glycemic control and coping strategies adopted in face of the demands imposed by the disease. Qualitative study carried out with patients followed by a multiprofessional team group in a research center from a university in(More)
Objective To identify and analyze the relation between biographical and relational processes in constituting the professional identity of the nursing course faculty in higher education institutions in the state of Goiás, Brazil. Method This study is a qualitative research, data were collected in 2014, attended by 11 teachers from four nursing courses. A(More)
Chemical investigation of the leaves of Solanum sordidum Sendtn., Solanaceae, resulted in the isolation and identifi cation of sitosterol, stigmasterol, 3βO-β-glycopyranosyl stigmasterol, 3β-O-β-glycopyranosyl sitosterol, kaempferol-3O-α-rhamnopyranosyl-(1-6)-α-glycopyranoside, rutin, and N-trans-feruloyltyramine. The structures of these compounds were(More)
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