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Recent evidence suggests that adult bone marrow stem cells reduce tissue damage and promote repair following CNS ischemic injury. Since granulocyte-colony stimulating factor (G-CSF) mobilizes hematopoietic stem cells to the circulating compartment, here we tested whether administration of this drug modifies the outcome of a permanent occlusion of the middle(More)
  • M Vigliani
  • The Journal of reproductive medicine
  • 1995
BACKGROUND Romano-Ward syndrome is a rare, autosomal-dominant cardiac conduction defect associated with syncope and life-threatening ventricular arrhythmia in children and adults. CASE A fetus was noted to have moderate fetal bradycardia in the antenatal period. When studied postnatally, the child was found to have Romano-Ward syndrome. CONCLUSION This(More)
The possible relationship between Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS) and cancer is still controversial and the existence of a paraneoplastic GBS remains unconfirmed. To better define whether there is a relationship between GBS and malignancy, we compared the observed and the expected number of patients with tumours in a population-based cohort of subjects with(More)
Dieser Satz b e d e u t e t n i ch t s anderes als die v o m Verf. ve r t r e t ene Au i f a s sung , daft /i~r die Bindung des Kalks (der Calciumphosphate) im Gewebe die Anwesenheit yon Fluor in, eine~n zu ermittelnden VerMiltnis notwendig ist. Es is t s icher , dat3 eine g u t f und i e r t e N u t z a n w e n d u n g dieser E r k e n n t n i s ~lr die(More)
I n f r f iheren M i t t e i l u n g e n k o n n t e n ]~NGEL n n d GRUNDMANN eine spezif ische gonor rho i sche Allergie m i t HiKe der yon i h n e n a n g e g e b e n e n Go . -Cu t i r eak t ion m i t , ,Compl igon" n a c h w e i s e n ~. We i t e r e U n t e r s n c h u n g e n f i ih r t en zur F e s t s t e l t u n g yon loka len I m m u n i t ~ t s e(More)
Die vorstehend berichteten Beobachtungen bei der Malta-IDR. wiederholen und bestätigen vollkommen die Erfahrungen der Gonorrhöecutireaktion. Die Infektion mit Brucella melitensis und dementsprechend mit Br. abortus (Bang) führt zu einer Antikörperbildung, die sich — durchaus analog der Gonorrhöe — im positiven Ausfall der Cutireaktion bemerkbar macht. Die(More)
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