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Speciation with gene flow, or the evolution of reproductive isolation between interbreeding populations, remains a controversial problem in evolution. This is because gene flow erodes the adaptive differences that selection creates between populations. Here, we use a combination of common garden experiments in the field and in the glasshouse to investigate(More)
Homoploid speciation generates species without a change in chromosome number via introgressive hybridization and has been considered rare in animals. Heliconius butterflies exhibit bright aposematic color patterns that also act as cues in assortative mating. Heliconius heurippa has a color pattern that can be recreated by introgression of the H. melpomene(More)
Reproductive isolation in plants occurs through multiple barriers that restrict gene flow between populations, but their origins remain uncertain. Work in the past decade has shown that postpollination barriers, such as the failure to form hybrid seeds or sterility of hybrid offspring, are often less strong than prepollination barriers. Evidence implicates(More)
Adaptation to replicate environments is often achieved through similar phenotypic solutions. Whether selection also produces convergent genomic changes in these situations remains largely unknown. The variable groundsel, Senecio lautus, is an excellent system to investigate the genetic underpinnings of convergent evolution, because morphologically similar(More)
OBJECTIVE Adequate isolation of nucleic acids from peripheral blood, fine-needle aspiration cells in stained slides, and fresh and formalin-fixed/paraffin-embedded tissues is crucial to ensure the success of molecular endocrinology techniques, especially when samples are stored for long periods, or when no other samples can be collected from patients who(More)
BACKGROUND Serum calcitonin (sCT) is the main tumor marker for medullary thyroid cancer (MTC), but it has certain limitations. Various sCT assays may have important intra-assay or interassay variation and may yield different and sometimes conflicting results. A pentagastrin- or calcium-stimulation calcitonin (CT) test may be desirable in some situations.(More)
BACKGROUND The molecular mechanisms leading to the formation of the two thyroid symmetrical lobes, which are impaired in thyroid hemiagenesis (TH), are little known. OBJECTIVE The aim of this work was to search for mutations in thyroid developmental candidate genes HOXA3, HOXB3, HOXD3 and PITX2. METHODS Total DNA from peripheral blood was extracted and(More)
The tribe Lethaeini has received little attention in Argentina. In 2014, Dellapé recorded 9 genera and 15 species from this country. A comprehensive study of the Lethaeini (Heteroptera, Rhyparochromidae) from Argentina is presented. Herein three new species of Cryphula Stål, one new species of Cistalia Stål, and the male of Cryphula australis Berg are(More)
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