Maria Cláudia Silva Boeres

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A concept map is a schematic resource to represent and organize a set of meanings in a propositional structure. In a learning process, the practice of making and remaking concept maps might be considered as an effort to find out concepts and their meanings, giving rise to the knowledge in an explicit way (Novak & Gowin, 1984). Computer aided programs can(More)
This paper discusses an experience with programming courses using identification and formal representation of programming schemas and their potential for automatic analysis. A relation with Bloom’s taxonomy has been used to support the classification of these schemas. We intend to use these tools for classification as well as feedback routing with respect(More)
We present a proposal for automation of concept maps comparison for different applications, for instance, as a support for the teacher in the task of learning assessment. Graph matching is suitable to model the comparison of objects which can be represented by graphs. The approach is based on a Combinatorial Optimization formulation for graph matching and(More)
Concept Maps are graphical tools for knowledge organization and representation. In this decade, we have seen an increasing interest in building concept maps from data sources by applying computational resources, setting out to overcome the issues related to building them from scratch. Nevertheless, we have observed an absence of consistent references, which(More)
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