Maria Cláudia Reis Cavalcanti

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SUMMARY Growth of genome data and analysis possibilities have brought new levels of difficulty for scientists to understand, integrate and deal with all this ever-increasing information. In this scenario, GARSA has been conceived aiming to facilitate the tasks of integrating, analyzing and presenting genomic information from several bioinformatics tools and(More)
ProtozoaDB ( is being developed to initially host both genomics and post-genomics data from Plasmodium falciparum, Entamoeba histolytica, Trypanosoma brucei, T. cruzi and Leishmania major, but will hopefully host other protozoan species as more genomes are sequenced. It is based on the Genomics Unified Schema and offers a(More)
In silico scientific experiments encompass multiple combinations of program and data resources. Each resource combination in an execution flow is called a scientific workflow. In bioinformatics environments, program composition is a frequent operation, requiring complex management. A scientist faces many challenges when building an experiment: finding the(More)
Environmental applications have been stimulating the cooperation among scientists from different disciplines. There are many examples where this cooperation takes place through exchanging scientific resources, such as data, programs and mathematical models. Finding the right model to apply in an environmental problem is a difficult task. Usually, this(More)
Monitoring the execution of distributed tasks within the workflow execution is not easy and is frequently controlled manually. This work presents a lightweight middleware monitor to design and control the parallel execution of tasks from a distributed scientific workflow. This middleware can be connected into a workflow management system. This middleware(More)