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We consider a class of ultraparabolic operators of the kind q ² : L' Ž. Ý i j x x t x x x i j 1 2 N i ,j s 1 Ž Ž. N q1. q zs x,t g‫ޒ‬ , where the principal part is uniformly elliptic on ‫ޒ‬ , q F N, and the constant matrix B is upper triangular and such that the operator obtained by freezing the coefficients a at any point z g ‫ޒ‬ Nq 1 is hypoelliptic. We(More)
Helminths have often been considered responsible in driving partially wildlife population density fluctuations; therefore more information have to be achieved when target hosts are endangered or threatened species, such as black grouse (Tetrao tetrix). During 8 years (2003–2010), we collected and analyzed 431 intestinal contents of hunted black grouse from(More)
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