Maria Chiara Cerutti

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Genetic variability of the ovine parasite Haemonchus contortus from the Alpine area was investigated using mitochondrial DNA (nd4 gene), internal transcribed spacers 1 and 2 and microsatellites, in order to assess whether cross-transmission between domestic and wild ruminants occurs. The dataset was composed of 78 individual adult male H. contortus(More)
Ž Ž . Nq 1. q z s x, t g R , where the principal part is uniformly elliptic on R , q F N, and the constant matrix B is upper triangular and such that the operator obtained by freezing the coefficients a at any point z g R Nq 1 is hypoelliptic. We prove i j 0 p Ž . local L -estimates for the derivatives ­ u i, j s 1, . . . , q of a solution to the x x i j(More)
OBJECTIVE Congestive heart failure (CHF) is characterized by sympathetic overactivity but reduced variability of heart interval and sympathetic nerve activity; little information exists, however, about the alterations in blood pressure variability in this syndrome, especially during excitatory manoeuvres such as tilting or exercise. DESIGN AND METHODS(More)
Helminths have often been considered responsible in driving partially wildlife population density fluctuations; therefore more information have to be achieved when target hosts are endangered or threatened species, such as black grouse (Tetrao tetrix). During 8 years (2003–2010), we collected and analyzed 431 intestinal contents of hunted black grouse from(More)
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