Maria Chiara Cavalleri

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We investigate the causal impact of broadband Internet on political participation using data from Italy. We show that this impact varies across different forms of political engagement and over time. Initially, broadband had a negative effect on turnout in national elections, driven by increased abstention of ideologically extreme voters. Meanwhile, however,(More)
One hundred-ninety nine cases of testicular tumours, of which 189 (94,9%) germ cell tumours, have been studied by histological methods. Seminoma with its two subtypes (anaplastic and spermatocytic) is the most frequent tumour (110 cases i.e. 55,2%), followed by embryonal carcinoma (30 cases: 15,3%), teratocarcinoma (25 cases: 13,2%), teratoma (12 cases:(More)
This paper is a report on a one year-automatic management of the Clinical Lab. of the Hospital of Gallarate (Italy) by means of a "part-time" computerization system. Technologies and procedures used for in-patients and out-patients are analysed: by this kind of management many advantages are obtained but some partly unremovable drawbacks, are identified(More)
The paper first discusses the main sources of concern for people in the perspective of professional mobility abroad as they result from the analysis of the Eurobarometer survey, wave 75.1 of 2011. Second, it tests whether portability of social security within Europe is a determinant of intra-EU mobility. It does this by using Eurobarometer data for the(More)
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