Maria Chekhova

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The generation of high-quality single-photon states with controllable narrow spectral bandwidths and central frequencies is key to facilitate efficient coupling of any atomic system to non-classical light fields. Such an interaction is essential in numerous experiments for fundamental science and applications in quantum communication and information(More)
It is shown that for a phase-matched nonlinear process producing entangled states, different Bell states are generated for different mismatch values. In particular, generation of the singlet Bell state is demonstrated within the natural linewidth of collinear frequency-degenerate type-II spontaneous parametric down-conversion (SPDC) without the o-e delay(More)
Using a traveling-wave optical parametric amplifier with two orthogonally oriented type-I BBO crystals pumped by picosecond pulses, we generate vertically and horizontally polarized squeezed vacuum states within a broad frequency-angular range. Depending on the phase between these states, fluctuations in one or another Stokes parameter are suppressed below(More)
We experimentally measured higher order normalized correlation functions (NCF) of pulsed light with a time-multiplexing detector. We demonstrate excellent performance of our device by verifying unity valued NCF up to the eighth order for coherent light and factorial dependence of the NCF for pseudothermal light. We applied our measurement technique to a(More)
The novel experimental realization of three-level optical quantum systems is presented. We use the polarization state of biphotons to generate a specific sequence of states that are used in the extended version of four-state QKD protocol quantum key distribution protocol. We experimentally verify the orthogonality of the basic states and demonstrate the(More)
High-visibility Nth-order ghost imaging with thermal light has been realized by recording only the intensities in two optical paths in a lensless setup. It is shown that the visibility is dramatically enhanced as the order N increases, but longer integration times are required owing to the increased fluctuations of higher-order intensity correlation(More)
We perform a reconstruction of the polarization sector of the density matrix of an intense polarization squeezed beam starting from a complete set of Stokes measurements. By using an appropriate quasidistribution, we map this onto the Poincaré space, providing a full quantum mechanical characterization of the measured polarization state.
Bright squeezed vacuum, a macroscopic nonclassical state of light, can be obtained at the output of a strongly pumped nonseeded traveling-wave optical parametric amplifier (OPA). By constructing the OPA of two consecutive crystals separated by a large distance, we make the squeezed vacuum spatially single-mode without a significant decrease in the(More)
We analyse a method to compensate for anisotropy effects in the spatial distribution of parametric down-conversion (PDC) radiation in bulk crystals. In this method, a single nonlinear crystal is replaced by two consecutive crystals with opposite transverse walk-off directions. We implement a simple numerical model to calculate the spatial distribution of(More)