Maria Chaley

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An earlier reported method for revealing latent periodicity of the nucleotide sequences has been considerably modified in a case of small samples, by applying a Monte Carlo method. This improved method has been used to search for the latent periodicity of some nucleotide sequences of the EMBL data bank. The existence of the nucleotide sequences' latent(More)
The existence of a typical latent periodicity of 21 bases from the Tar chemoreceptor gene of Escherichia coli (E. coli) (MCP II) in the bacterial genes has been investigated in this work. Among 583 annotated bacterial genes and ORFs in the GenBank, in which the typical periodicity has been found, the chemoreceptors' genes constituted the most numerous group(More)
A program package has been developed to search for hidden tandem repeats of any specified type in the protein sequence databases. The applied algorithm of the locally optimal cyclic alignment is able to find subsequences possessing a certain profile-based periodicity type when no appreciable homology between periods is observed, as well as in the presence(More)
Transfer RNA (tRNA)-like sequences were searched for in the nine basic taxonomic divisions of GenBank-121 (viruses, phages, bacteria, plants, invertebrates, vertebrates, rodents, mammals, and primates) by an original program package implementing a dynamic profile alignment approach for the genetic texts' analysis, in using 22 profiles of tRNAs of different(More)
A search for new members of the mammalian interspersed repeat (MIR) family has been done over the coding regions of human genome from GenBank-116. Only 254 nucleotide sequences contained MIRs in coding regions, of which 45 MIR copies were unknown before, including 17 that occurred in translated gene regions. The program developed by the authors has been(More)
We present the first release of the HeteroGenome database collecting latent periodicity regions in genomes. Tandem repeats and highly divergent tandem repeats along with the regions of a new type of periodicity, known as profile periodicity, have been collected for the genomes of Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Arabidopsis thaliana, Caenorhabditis elegans and(More)
A new method for looking at relationships between nucleotide sequences has been used to analyze divergence both within and between the families of isoaccepting tRNA sets. A dendrogram of the relationships between 21 tRNA sets with different amino acid specificities is presented as the result of the analysis. Methionine initiator tRNAs are included as a(More)
Novel methods for identifying a new type of DNA latent periodicity, called latent profile periodicity or latent profility, are used to search for periodic structures in genes. These methods reveal two distinct levels of organization of genetic information encoding. It is shown that latent profility in genes may correlate with specific structural features of(More)
A model of perfect tandem repeat with random pattern has been considered. It expands a notion of approximate tandem repeat and describes new kind of latent periodicity in biological sequences, which has been named profile periodicity. Based on this model, an original spectral-statistical approach has been proposed for the estimation of size of the(More)