Maria Celia Jamur

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An association between mast cells and tumor angiogenesis is known to exist, but the exact role that mast cells play in this process is still unclear. It is thought that the mediators released by mast cells are important in neovascularization. However, it is not known how individual mediators are involved in this process. The major constituents of mast cell(More)
Phospholipase D (PLD) hydrolyses phosphatidylcholine to produce phosphatidic acid (PA) and choline. It has two isoforms, PLD1 and PLD2, which are differentially expressed depending on the cell type. In mast cells it plays an important role in signal transduction. The aim of the present study was to clarify the role of PLD2 in the secretory pathway. RBL-2H3(More)
Purpose. To investigate whether the addition of antibiotic/antimycotic during human granulosa-lutein cells (GLCs) isolation and cell-plating procedures prevents microbial contamination after 144 h of culture and also evaluate the effects of contamination on GLCs ultrastructure and steroid secretion. Methods. GLCs obtained from five women submitted to(More)
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