Maria Cecilia Vergari

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Aliphatic aldehydes were reacted with nitro alkanes in the presence of catalytic amounts of piperidine over 4 A molecular sieves. Simply by changing reaction conditions (solvent and temperature) it is possible to control the stereochemical outcome of the reactions, obtaining pure (E)- and (Z)-nitro alkenes in high to excellent yields. The role of molecular(More)
ZrCl(4) was found to be an ideal catalyst to promote aza-Henry reactions between trifluoromethyl aldimines and some nitro alkanes giving new fluorinated β-nitro amines. The reaction is strongly influenced by the CF(3) group, the yield by the alkyl chain of the nitro compound, while the stereochemical outcome seems to be unaffected, the anti isomer being(More)
Chiral (R)-1-phenylethylamine was successfully employed in a tandem aza-Henry addition–reduction reaction to give chiral β-nitro α-trifluoromethyl amines. A subsequent coupling reaction with N-Boc-protected amino acids leads to obtain optically pure CF3-modified dipeptides carrying two different N-protecting groups. These peptidomimetic units are(More)
A self-catalyzed aza-Henry addition of ethyl nitroacetate on N-alkyl trifluoromethyl aldimines was reported to synthesize β-amino α-nitro trifluoromethyl esters, precursors of α,β-diamino acid derivatives. In the presence of a resident chiral center on the imine nitrogen, the use of a suitable Lewis acid leads to a good stereofacial control, always(More)
Highly functionalized tetrasubstituted alkenes were obtained by an unexpected amination reaction promoted by ethyl nosyloxycarbamate on various α-nitro aryl and heteroaryl enoates. A nitrene is likely the aminating species responsible for the observed insertion reaction leading to (E)-β-amino α-nitro enoates as the major products, regardless of the(More)
Efficient one-pot methods for the synthesis of variously functionalised conjugated nitro alkenes have been reported. Despite the utility in different fields of these compounds, only a few multi-step syntheses have been reported in the literature, giving the target compounds in low overall yields. α-Nitro acrylates or cinnamates, α-nitro α,β-unsaturated(More)
L-α-amino esters were considered valuable chiral starting materials in the condensation reaction with trifluoroacetaldehyde (fluoral) ethyl hemiacetal to obtain new functionalized trifluoromethyl aldimines. Starting from these latter compounds, isovaleraldehyde was used in proline-catalyzed Mannich-type addition reactions to give trifluoromethyl syn- or(More)
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