Maria Cecília Menks Ribeiro

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The strawberry tree (Arbutus unedo L.) is an underutilized, drought tolerant, fire resistant species with a south western distribution in Europe, and with ecological and putative socio-economical impact in Portugal and Mediterranean countries. Our aim was to develop an appropriate set of molecular markers to enable genetic diversity to be assessed and to(More)
An increasing number of evidences suggest a genetic predisposition in acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) that might favor the occurrence of the driver genetic alterations. Such genetic background might also translate into phenotypic alterations of residual hematopoietic cells. Whether such phenotypic alterations are present in bone marrow (BM) cells from(More)
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L-asparaginase is an enzyme used as a chemotherapeutic agent, mainly for treating acute lymphoblastic leukemia. In this study, the gene of L-asparaginase from Zymomonas mobilis was cloned in pET vectors, fused to a histidine tag, and had its codons optimized. The L-asparaginase was expressed extracellularly and intracellularly (cytoplasmically) in(More)
Slash and burn practices affect tropical forests. Our results showed strong introgression between Inga ingoides and Inga edulis in the species contact area. Interspecific hybridization could be sought to improve yield and tolerance to flooding and further increase the economic potential of the poorly drained Amazonian soils and minimize deforestation. Inga(More)
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