Maria Cecília Jayme Bueno Gallani

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The objective of the present study was to perform the cultural adaptation of The Environmental Stressor Questionnaire-ESQ for the Brazilian Portuguese, as well as to verify its reliability and validity. In order to ensure the equivalence between the original instrument and the Brazilian version, all methodological steps recommended in the literature(More)
The p22-phox subunit is an essential component of NAD(P)H oxidase enzymatic complex, which is considered the major source of oxidative stress products in the cardiovascular system. The -930G allele of p22-phox has been associated with higher promoter activity, increased NAD(P)H oxidase-mediated oxidative stress and hypertension. We recently reported that(More)
This study had the purpose to identify the sociodemographic and clinical profiles, history of hospitalizations due to Heart Failure (HF) and follow-ups (regular appointments, drug treatment, facilities and difficulties for follow-up) of patients admitted for clinical decompensation. Interviews were held with 61 patients, with average age of 58.1 (+/- 15.9)(More)
Upper arm circumference (UAC) measurement is necessary for the proper sizing of cuffs and is recommended for accurate blood pressure (BP) assessment. The aim of this report is to identify and quantify the relationships between UAC and the usual anthropometric measurements of body fat distribution and cardiac structure in hypertensive subjects. We evaluated(More)
The mechanisms by which dietary sodium modulates cardiovascular risk are not fully understood. This study investigated whether sodium intake is related to carotid structure and hemodynamics and to plasma matrix metalloproteinase (MMP) activity in hypertensive adults. One hundred thirty-four participants were cross-sectionally evaluated by clinical history,(More)
This study aimed to present the content validity and reliability analyses of an instrument to study the determinant factors of salt consumption among hypertensive subjects, based on an extension of the Theory of Planned Behavior. Content validity was assessed by 3 experts and a pre-test was carried out with 5 subjects. The final tool, comprising 3 different(More)
OBJECTIVE To validate the content and to evaluate the reliability of the Veterans Specific Activity Questionnaire instrument, culturally adapted for use in the Brazilian population of cardiac patients. METHODS The instrument was translated and back-translated and subsequently analyzed by a committee of judges to evaluate its semantic-idiomatic and(More)
This study aimed to evaluate the feasibility, acceptability, ceiling and floor effects, reliability, and convergent construct validity of the Brazilian version of the Mini Cuestionario de Calidad de Vida en la Hipertensión Arterial (MINICHAL). The study included 200 hypertensive outpatients in a university hospital and a primary healthcare unit. The(More)
The aim of this study was to report the development and the analysis of content validity and reliability of the Psychosocial Determinants of Physical Activity among Coronary Heart Disease Patients Questionnaire, based on an extension of the Theory of Planned Behavior. In the content validity step, three experts evaluated the instrument which was,(More)
A previous RLAE (1) editorial highlights, very appropriately, the importance of producing knowledge in the area of chronic disease. The literature, as well as official documents from the various health care bodies, confirm that this is a very pertinent concern. The scale of non-communicable diseases continues to grow, causing world leaders to place such(More)