Maria Caterina Vilardo

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Extending a previous investigation, the ability of binding to the model calycin beta-lactoglobulin (BLG) was evaluated both in silico and in vitro for several fluorine-containing (semi-)synthetic molecules of pharmacological and pharmaceutical interest (antibiotics, vastatins, steroid drugs). Simulation procedures included molecular docking according to a(More)
Binding of fluorine-containing drugs to bovine beta-lactoglobulin, the most abundant whey protein in bovine milk, was investigated by means of (19)F NMR and mass spectrometry. The stoichiometry of the binding and its stability in acidic medium, where beta-lactoglobulin is folded and stable, were also studied, along with competition from molecules that can(More)
Adverse drug reactions (ADRs) reduce patients' quality of life, increase mortality and morbidity, and have a negative economic impact on healthcare systems. Nevertheless, the importance of ADR reporting is often underestimated. The project "FarmaREL" has been developed to monitor and evaluate ADRs in haematological patients and to increase pharmacovigilance(More)
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