Maria Carmen Fasolino

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Obesity is a major public health problem affecting overall physical and emotional well-being. Despite compelling data suggesting an association between obesity and cognitive dysfunction, this phenomenon has received relatively little attention. Neuroimaging studies in obese humans report reduced size of brain regions involved in cognition, but few studies(More)
BACKGROUND The biopsy of both polar bodies and a blastomere from the same embryo was investigated as an approach aimed at increasing the quantity of DNA available for genetic analysis in preimplantation embryos. METHODS In 113 cycles, preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) was performed for aneuploidy: 19 cycles underwent polar body biopsy, 32 cycles had(More)
Lesions of the abdominal vessels are becoming more frequent owing to the increase in the number of laparoscopies carried out with trochars: they occur in fact in 2% of cases. A study has been carried out to compare the effectiveness of 2 methods for stopping haemorrhage: the use of a Foley catheter and suturing with a Reverdin needle. Abdominal haemorrhages(More)
Five consecutive cases of cervical pregnancy (CP) are presented. In four cases, the diagnosis was made at routine check-ups and these were all treated conservatively. In the fifth case, an erroneous diagnosis of inevitable abortion was made, in a patient presenting with profuse vaginal bleeding. Persistent bleeding following curettage required an emergency(More)
BACKGROUND This study compares embryo quality, fertilisation rate and pregnancy rates after ICSI related with the quality of oocytes achieved after r-FSH stimulation. METHODS We evaluated 955 oocytes from patients following r-FSH and 643 oocytes from patients stimulated with ultrapure urinary FSH. The oocytes were divided into: a) normal oocytes; b)(More)
Two methods for the laparoscopic dissection of dermoid ovarian cysts, less than 10 cm, in 55 fertile women, are compared. Water dissection was performed in 23 patients and bipolar scissors were used in 32 patients, creating a rhomb on the surface of the ovary, just to obtain a good traction for atraumatic dissection. The mean surgical time, complications(More)
The purpose of our study is to identify the ureteral and vesical lesions that may occur in the course of total laparoscopic hysterectomy using intraoperative cystoscopy. After the patient has been placed in dorsolithotomic position, we used a Hourcabie manipulator, a 10 mm umbilical trochar and two 5-mm suprapubics. Total hysterectomy is carried out and(More)
The medial prefrontal cortex is important for cognitive flexibility, a capability that is affected by environmental conditions and specific experiences. Aversive experience, such as chronic restraint stress, is known to impair performance on a task of cognitive flexibility, specifically attentional set-shifting, in rats. Concomitant with this performance(More)
Palmer s point must be considered a safe alternative site to insert the Verres needle and the primary trocar. It s possible, also, to perform adhesiolysis by this way before to insert the bigger trocar in umbilical site. Our experience shows that this technique can avoid intestinal, omental, injury if the trocar was inserted directly using the umbilical(More)
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