Maria Carla Barducci

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The non-carcinogenic effects of vitreous fibres on the human respiratory apparatus have been the subjects of numerous studies on large exposed populations. No evidence seems to have been produced of the existence of a fibrogenic effect. However, no definite and agreed opinion has yet been expressed by the main Agencies and Institutions working in the field(More)
Detection of low-abundance nucleic acids is a challenging task, which over the last two decades has been solved using enzymatic target amplification. Enzymatic synthesis enhances the signal so that diverse, scientifically and clinically relevant molecules can be identified and studied, including cancer DNA, viral nucleic acids, and regulatory RNAs. However,(More)
The aim of the study was to assess the state of hearing levels in young Italian subjects via an epidemiological study, and also, by means of a questionnaire, to assess the attitude of young people to music, how they listen to music and how they perceive the risk of noise-induced hearing damage. The sample studied consisted of 391 youths undergoing their(More)
There is currently an unmet need for reliable tools that allow for direct detection and quantification of modifications in genomic DNA. For example, in cancer research and clinical diagnostics, target DNA has to be amplified and sequenced in order to reveal mutations. For 5-methylcytosine detection, bisulfite treatment of DNA is applied for the analysis,(More)
Two questionnaires were administered to evaluate stress risk factors in 1652 employees of the Milan Town Council (772 Social Service personnel and 880 administrative staff). The study was focused on cardiovascular diseases. The Mopsy questionnaire is a selection of scales selected by the World Health Organization for international multicenter studies on(More)
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