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Despite the life-saving information that genetic counseling can provide for women at hereditary breast and/or ovarian cancer (HBOC) risk, Latinas disproportionately underuse such services. Understanding Latinas’ beliefs and attitudes about BRCA genetic counseling may be the key to better health promotion within this underserved, at-risk group. We conducted(More)
There is tremendous potential for genome sequencing to improve clinical diagnosis and care once it becomes routinely accessible, but this will require formalizing research methods into clinical best practices in the areas of sequence data generation, analysis, interpretation and reporting. The CLARITY Challenge was designed to spur convergence in methods(More)
National colonoscopy adherence rates near 65 % and New York City (NYC) colonoscopy rates approach 69 %. Despite an overall increase in national colorectal cancer (CRC) screening rates, rates of CRC screening among Blacks and Latinos are lower than non-Latino Whites. We developed two group level, culturally targeted educational programs about CRC for Blacks(More)
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