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The development of atypical antipsychotics has not only given the prescriber more options, but also increased the complexity of decision making. We examined current prescribing practice for antipsychotic and anticholinergic drugs, which involved a 1-day census of all antipsychotic and anticholinergic drugs prescribed for 4191 inpatients in 49 UK mental(More)
This work started with the informal observation of my daughter as she actively inquired about her world around her. Her seemingly innocent questions have profound implications for real time science education. How could these common daily experiences of information seeking behavior be supported or augmented, and transferred to a virtual or augmented reality(More)
This paper contains the results of a survey of the 36 ABET accredited undergraduate programs in Information Systems (IS) from 2012 in the USA. With the goal of discovering the makeup of a typical ABET accredited IS program, each educational institution's website was searched for applicable information about its undergraduate program for information systems.(More)
The Virtual Trillium Trail is a new kind of desktop virtual reality application that crosses over into the area of geospatial, educational simulations. Visual fidelity significantly impacts intrinsic learning, activity in situ, and knowledge gained, independent of other factors. The main empirical contribution of this report is on the impact of the user(More)
—Over the past 20 years, there has been a debate on the effectiveness of virtual reality used for learning with young children, producing many ideas but little empirical proof. This empirical study compared learning activity in situ of a real environment (Real) and a desktop virtual reality (Virtual) environment, built with video game technology, for(More)
Children possess vivid imaginations and freely, almost impulsively, share new knowledge with peers. At times, they also create art spontaneously or in response to powerful experiences. How can we best design interfaces to virtual and augmented reality technologies to support children in their independent quests for knowledge and acts of creation? In this(More)
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