Maria C Denis

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Using targeted mutagenesis in mice, we have blocked shedding of endogenous murine TNF by deleting its cleavage site. Mutant mice produce physiologically regulated levels of transmembrane TNF (tmTNF), which suffice to support thymocyte proliferation but cannot substitute for the hepatotoxic activities of wild-type TNF following LPS/D-galactosamine challenge(More)
OBJECTIVE To identify novel microRNA (miR) associations in synovial fibroblasts (SF), by performing miR expression profiling on cells isolated from the human tumour necrosis factor (TNF) transgenic mouse model (TghuTNF, Tg197) and patients biopsies. METHODS miR expression in SF from TghuTNF and wild-type (WT) control mice were determined by miR deep(More)
Novel molecules that specifically target human TNFα in rheumatoid arthritis pose problems for preclinical assessment of efficacy. In this study collagen antibody-induced arthritis (CAIA) has been induced in human TNFα transgenic mice to provide a novel model that has been optimised for the evaluation of molecules targeting human TNFα. Tg1278TNFko mice lack(More)
The TNF/TNFR system exerts multiple proinflammatory and immunosuppressive functions in the pathogenesis of chronic inflammation and autoimmunity. In EAE, the experimental model of Multiple Sclerosis (MS), genetic ablation of TNFR2, results in exacerbated immune reactivity and chronic disease course. The underlying mechanism driving this immunosuppressive(More)
We have developed a composite hydrogel for improved topical delivery of the poorly soluble drug Tacrolimus (TAC) to psoriasis lesions. TAC is efficiently solubilized in methoxy poly- (ethylene glycol) hexyl substituted poly-(lactic acid) (mPEGhexPLA) based nanocarriers. For convenient and patient-friendly topical administration, TAC loaded polymeric(More)
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