Maria Célia de Oliveira Chaves

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Trypanosoma cruzi is the ethiological agent for Chagas disease in Latin America. This study aimed to test the trypanocidal effect of licarin A and burchellin isolated from plants in northeastern Brazil. These neolignans were tested on T. cruzi and on peritoneal macrophages, to evaluate drug toxicity. Epimastigote growth was inhibited in 45% with licarin A(More)
Four new compounds were isolated from the branches of Piper montealegreanum Yuncker, a shrub found in the Amazon rainforest, including two new dihydrochalcones named claricine (1) and maisine (2), a cinnamic acid derivative 3 and a phenylalkanoid 4, along with a porphyrin identified as the known compound phaeophytin a (5). The structures were established(More)
In this study, we identified the antinociceptive and anti-inflammatory effects of two flavonoids (PMT1 and PMT2) from Piper montealegreanum. The antinociceptive effect was evaluated using the classical tests: acetic acid-induced writhing, formalin and hot plate test. PMT1 and PMT2 (0.1, 1, 30 and 100 μmol/kg, i.p.) reduced the writhings, with an ID50 of(More)
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