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OBJECTIVES To provide a commentary on the economic evaluations of the Oxcheck and British family heart studies: direct comparison of their relative effectiveness and cost effectiveness; comparisons with other interventions; and consideration of problems encountered. DESIGN Modelling from cost and effectiveness data to estimate of cost per life year(More)
OBJECTIVE To measure costs and cost effectiveness of the British family heart study cardiovascular screening and intervention programme. DESIGN Cost effectiveness analysis of randomised controlled trial. Clinical and resource use data taken from trial and unit cost data from external estimates. SETTING 13 general practices across Britain. SUBJECTS(More)
Demand for economic and outcomes data in support of drug formulary listing in private and government-sponsored health programs has led to fundamental changes in drug development. In part as a response to these pressures, the pharmaceutical industry has begun to include economic and quality-of-life endpoints in clinical trials with the hope of providing(More)
It is apparent that a significant degree of sexual concern exists in male and female heroin addicts in the predrug, drug and postdrug periods. The Sexual Concerns and Substance Abuse Project recommends that each opiate abuser entering in to treatment has a brief sex history taken and, if a primary or secondary sexual dysfunction is discovered, then(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the level of sexual experience and condom use among Year 9 high school students. DESIGN Self-administered questionnaire to all Year 9 students attending a personal development workshop. SETTING The study was carried out in two regional high schools in New South Wales, one in an urban area and the other in a rural area. (More)
BACKGROUND In estimating the potential benefits of treatment, it is often necessary to extrapolate beyond clinical trial results using economic modeling. Previous attempts in Alzheimer disease (AD) were primarily based on the Mini-Mental State Examination (MMSE) due to its widespread use. These models were criticized as not accurately reflecting the total(More)
INTRODUCTION There is an increasing need to assess the value of safety improvements to society. Concerns exist, however, as to what extent standard health economic methods appropriately reflect this value because these methods do not typically incorporate the non-health or extra-consequentialist value of avoiding healthcare incidents, which may--for(More)