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The circulating peptide leptin, which is the product of the ob gene, provides feedback information on the size of fat stores to central Ob receptors that control food intake and body-weight homeostasis. Leptin has so far been reported to be secreted only by adipocytes and the placenta. Here we show that leptin messenger RNA and leptin protein are present in(More)
A role for Rab4 in the translocation of the glucose transporter Glut4 induced by insulin has been recently proposed. To study more directly the role of this small GTPase, freshly isolated adipocytes were transiently transfected with the cDNAs of both an epitope-tagged Glut4-myc and Rab4, a system which allows direct measurement of the concentration of Glut4(More)
BACKGROUND Hypopituitarism is a rare but well-known complication of cranial trauma. In the absence of overt diabetes insipidus, its recognition is difficult as the onset of clinical symptoms can be very progressive, up to several years. CASE REPORTS Three children, aged 8, 9 and 2 years, respectively, were admitted after a cranial trauma. Manifestations(More)
Mobile phones enable people to communicate when, where, and with whom they wish. However, users are often troubled to find themselves at the beck and call of others. To gauge attitudes towards mobiles, students from universities in five countries were asked what they liked most and liked least about having a mobile phone. Responses across all countries(More)
BACKGROUND Treatment of hyperthyroidism in those neonates born to mothers with Grave's disease is difficult. Calcium ipodate, an agent for oral cholecystography, inhibits extra-thyroid conversion of T3 to T4 and diminishes thyroid secretion. CASE REPORTS Two neonates with clinical manifestations and biological findings of hyperthyroidism were given(More)
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