Maria Beatriz P P Oliveira

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Three different HPLC detection systems were compared for the determination of tocopherols and tocotrienols in olive oil: fluorescence and diode array connected in series, ultraviolet, and evaporative light scattering. The best results were obtained with the fluorescence detector, which was successfully applied in the quantification of tocopherols and(More)
Several herbal beverages claim medicinal benefits due to their antioxidant properties. However, operational factors such as the extracted herbal component, preparation method or concentration levels, might influence their biological activity. To assess this effect, the antioxidant activity of beverages prepared with Camellia sinensis, Aspalathus linearis or(More)
Commercial stoned table olives named "alcaparras" from Trás-os-Montes (Portugal) were chemically characterized. During three consecutive years (2004-2006) 30 samples (10 per year) were examined for their nutritional value (moisture, crude protein, total fat, ash, carbohydrates, and energy), with a detailed report of the fatty acids and tocopherols(More)
Pilocarpus microphyllus Stapf ex Wardleworth (jaborandi, Rutaceae) is one of the most important Brazilian medicinal species owing to its content of pilocarpine (PIL), an alkaloid used for treating glaucoma and xerostomia. This species contains another alkaloid, epiisopiloturine (EPI), which has demonstrated effectiveness against schistosomiasis. The aim of(More)
This study addresses the effects of gamma irradiation (1, 5 and 8 kGy) on color, organic acids, total phenolics, total flavonoids, and antioxidant activity of dwarf mallow (Malva neglecta Wallr.). Organic acids were analyzed by ultra fast liquid chromatography (UFLC) coupled to a photodiode array (PDA) detector. Total phenolics and flavonoids were measured(More)
In the present work, the development of a genosensor for the event-specific detection of MON810 transgenic maize is proposed. Taking advantage of nanostructuration, a cost-effective three dimensional electrode was fabricated and a ternary monolayer containing a dithiol, a monothiol and the thiolated capture probe was optimized to minimize the unspecific(More)
Natural matrices are important sources of new antitumor and antimicrobial compounds. Species such as Laurus nobilis L. (laurel) might be used for this purpose, considering its medicinal properties. Herein, in vitro activity against human tumor cell lines, bacteria, and fungi was evaluated in enriched phenolic extracts. Specifically, methanol and aqueous(More)
Folk medicine is a relevant and effective part of indigenous healthcare systems which are, in practice, totally dependent on traditional healers. An outstanding coincidence between indigenous medicinal plant uses and scientifically proved pharmacological properties of several phytochemicals has been observed along the years. This work focused on the leaves(More)
This study presents the results of the identification and quantification of 12 isoflavones (prunetin, irilone, pseudobaptigenin, glycitein, daidzin, genistin, daidzein, pratensein, puerarin, biochanin A, formononetin and genistein) in 23 species of Trifolium (T. arvense, T. pratense, T. ligusticum, T. striatum, T. lappaceum, T. angustifolium, T. hirtum, T.(More)
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