Maria Beatriz Gay Ducati

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We discuss the relative rates of different charmonium states and introduce an improved model for mapping the continuous c¯ c mass spectrum on the physical charmonium resonances. The theoretical description of charmonium production separates the hard and soft parts of the process based on the factorisation theorem in QCD. Perturbative QCD (pQCD) should be(More)
Electroproduction in deep inelastic scattering at HERA is studied in a model considering a finite sum of gluon ladders, associated with a truncation of the BFKL series. The approach contains the bare two gluon exchange and both one and two rungs contributions and the resulting structure function does not violate the asymptotic behavior stated by the(More)
Our goal is the study of color effects on the J/ψ and D mesons production, as well as the study of their elastic production.We use the Color Evaporation Model (CEM), where a single factor takes into account the probability that the cc produced in a color octet state turns into a physical (colorless) quarkonium or continues as a color octet, producing open(More)
We present an exploratory QCD analysis of the neutrino structure functions in charged current DIS using the color dipole formalism. The corresponding dipole cross sections are taken from recent phenomenological/theoretical studies in deep inelastic inclusive production. The theoretical predictions are compared to the available experimental results in the(More)
In the XXIV ENFPC were presented one plenary talk, three parallel talks, 15 oral communications and 27 posters on Phenomenology. The research on phenomenology presented at XXIV ENFPC could be divided in some main domains: extensions of the standard model and searches; heavy quarks production, and models; high density QCD and nuclear dependence and models;(More)