Maria Beatriz Felgar de Toledo

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Web service technology provides an infrastructure for developing distributed systems and performing electronic business operations within and across organizational boundaries. It is still evolving. Currently, it is lacking mechanisms to deal with Quality of Service (QoS). Service consumer requirements may include functional and non-functional aspects. The(More)
Typically, in areas such as e-business and e-government, among others, Web services are used as basic components for building business processes. Participants in a business process may have different computational platforms that should interoperate in order to achieve the process goals. This interoperability is supported by the Web service technology. Thus,(More)
This work proposes a model for structuring components for mapping component-based architectures to programming languages. This model enables the development of systems maintaining the conformance with the proposed software architecture, through a well-defined mapping of how component-based software architecture can be implemented using constructions(More)
Although Web service technology allows the development and execution of distributed applications, it still lacks facilities to deal with quality of service (QoS). Consumers may require services with particular nonfunctional characteristics and expect quality level guarantees. The goal of this paper is to propose an extended Web service architecture(More)
The Universal Description Discovery & Integration (UDDI) is a standard for XML registry that enables functionality-based publication and discovery of Web services. This paper presents a UDDI extension to support Quality of Service (QoS) management in the context of Business Process Management Systems (BPMSs). To allow service selection, a BPMS architecture(More)
It is widely accepted that middleware is an important architectural element which facilitates the development of software systems. In this paper we propose a novel approach for designing middleware. It is based on hardware motherboards and two distinct views with a clear separation of concerns. The view for middleware designer (MD-view) is concerned with(More)
The importance of the Web service technology for business, government, among other sectors, is growing. Its use in these sectors demands security concern. The Web Services Security standard is a step towards satisfying this demand. However, in the current security approach, the mechanism used for describing security properties of Web services restricts(More)
The service consumer's confidence in the protection of their privacy is an important factor for the success of electronic services (e-services). It may increase if the service provider offers a description of its data practices. This description can be compared to what the consumer defines as appropriate practices. To allow the exchange of privacy-related(More)
Component-based software development has widely used in the construction of large scale systems. In these systems, which are intrinsically complex, the adoption of a systematic development process is very important. Other relevam factors that should be considered to achieve a successful development complex component-based system are: (I) its software(More)