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Although location based applications have been gaining popularity, most positioning devices do not work when in an indoor environment, hindering the development of indoor location based applications. In this paper we propose a technique, based on the detection of footsteps, and the direction in which they were taken by the user, to be able to calculate the(More)
The increasing usage of maps on mobile devices reinforce the need to solve some visualization and usability issues that constraint the user's interaction with information visualization applications. When exploring map information on a small screen device, the points of interest are often located off-screen. Despite the existence of several techniques for(More)
The complexity of presenting and exploring large amounts of graphical data, on mobile devices, increases due to their small screen size. To mitigate this problem several approaches have been proposed to give clues about objects that are located off-screen. In this paper we present a user study comparing the Halo off-screen visualization technique with(More)
The paper describes MPVisualizer (Message Passing Visualizer) a general purpose tool for the debugging of message passing parallel applications; its three components are the trace/replay mechanism, the graphical user interface and the central component, called visualization engine. The engine, which plays the main role during the replay phase, can be used(More)
This paper describes a set of two applications comprising the Virtual Art Gallery tool: the Space Picker application and the Virtual Exhibition Builder application. The purpose of this tool is to allow users to interactively create a virtual exhibition of artworks in a pre-built virtual model. We use X3D for the models and Java with Xj3D for the display and(More)
Recent studies have shown that asthma represents a major health issue not only in children of developed countries but also in urban centers in some middle-income countries. Brazil has one of the highest prevalences of asthma worldwide. Recently, interest has grown in the relationship between psychosocial factors and asthma. This article examines the(More)
The increasing popularity of mobile devices has fostered the development of visualization applications for these devices. However, the reduced screen size and different interaction devices, which people are not familiarized, present some challenges to visualization in a mobile environment. This paper describes how, as a proof of concept, a combination of(More)
The visualization of geo-referenced information on a map has become an essential method to help the users to get the intended information. The adaptation of visualization techniques for mobile devices, such as, PDA and mobile phones make this type of applications ubiquitous. However, the context of mobility and the limitations of mobile devices, such as,(More)
MPVisualizer (Message Passing Visualizer) is a tool for the monitoring and debugging of message passing parallel applications with three components: the trace/replay mechanism, the graphical user interface and a central component, called visualization engine. The engine, which plays the main role during the replay phase, builds an object-oriented model of(More)