Maria Beatriz Barreto do Carmo

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OBJECTIVE Recent studies have shown that asthma represents a major health issue not only in children of developed countries but also in urban centers in some middle-income countries. Brazil has one of the highest prevalences of asthma worldwide. Recently, interest has grown in the relationship between psychosocial factors and asthma. This article examines(More)
OBJECTIVE Asthma is the most common chronic disease in childhood and has been designated a public health problem due to the increase in its prevalence in recent decades, the amount of health service expenditure it absorbs and an absence of consensus about its etiology. The relationships among psychosocial factors and the occurrence, symptomatology, and(More)
The aim of this study was to establish whether exposure of pregnant rats to uncontrollable (psychological) stressors might change the likelihood of their offspring to exhibit functional and histopathological abnormalities suggestive of asthma in adulthood. Pregnant rats (n = 16) underwent one of three treatments: electric shocks of a maximum duration of 10(More)
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