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In this paper we discuss some general aspects of the so-called geometrodynamical approach (GDA) to Chaos and present some results obtained within this framework. We firstly derive a na¨ıve and yet general geometrization procedure, and then specialize the discussion to the descriptions of motion within the frameworks of two among the most representative(More)
Muscarinic receptors, expressed in several primary and metastatic tumours, appear to be implicated in their growth and propagation. In this work we have demonstrated that M2 muscarinic receptors are expressed in glioblastoma human specimens and in glioblastoma cell lines. Moreover, we have characterized the effects of the M2 agonist arecaidine on cell(More)
We aimed at identifying a suitable data analysis approach to investigate potential patterns in the current medical coding in obstetrics and perinatal care. We processed the data reported for 2006 in DRG files from three Romanian university clinics of obstetrics-gynaecology and found substantial differences in the coding practices. Based on the evidence we(More)
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