Maria Babilon

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As information is requested and accessed more and more frequently, we search for better/quicker ways to share knowledge; particularly within the corporate Information Technology environment. One new initiative which is beginning to receive a lot of attention at NCR Corporation is Knowledge Management. This paper will examine Knowledge Management as an(More)
The elastic scattering cross section of Mo(α,α)Mo has been measured at energies of Ec.m. ≈ 13, 16, and 19MeV in a wide angular range. The real and imaginary parts of the optical potential for the system Mo α have been derived at energies around and below the Coulomb barrier. The result fits into the systematic behavior of α-nucleus folding potentials. The(More)
The electric dipole strength distribution in 44Ca has been measured up to 10 MeV in high resolution photon scattering experiments for the first time. The data obtained have been compared to earlier measurements on (40,48)Ca in order to view the evolution of the electric pygmy dipole resonance (PDR). Calculations that were performed within the framework of(More)
S. Müller, M. Babilon, A. Zilges Institut für Kernphysik der TU Darmstadt M. Erhard, E. Grosse, A. Junghans, N. Nankov, A. Wagner Institut für Kernund Hadronenphysik, Forschungszentrum Rossendorf M. Heil, F. Käppeler, R. Plag Institut für Kernphysik, Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe T. Aumann, H. Emling, H. Simon, K. Sümmerer GSI Darmstadt U. Datta Pramanik Saha(More)
E. A. McCutchan,1 N. V. Zamfir,1,2 R. F. Casten,1 H. Ai,1 H. Amro,1 M. Babilon,1,3 D. S. Brenner,4 G. Gürdal,1,4 A. Heinz,1 R. O. Hughes,1,5 D. A. Meyer,1 C. Plettner,1 J. Qian,1 J. J. Ressler,1 N. J. Thomas,1,5 V. Werner,1 E. Williams,1 and R. Winkler1 1Wright Nuclear Structure Laboratory, Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut 06520 USA 2National(More)
A concentration of electric-dipole excitations below the particle threshold, which is frequently denoted as the pygmy dipole resonance, has been studied in the semimagic nucleus 140Ce in (alpha, alpha' gamma) experiments at E alpha = 136 MeV. The technique of alpha-gamma coincidence experiments allows the separation of E1 excitations from states of other(More)
D. A. Meyer,1 C. W. Beausang,1,2 J. J. Ressler,1,3 H. Ai,1 H. Amro,1 M. Babilon,1,4 R. F. Casten,1 C. R. Fitzpatrick,1,5 G. Gürdal,1,6 A. Heinz,1 E. A. McCutchan,1 C. Plettner,1 J. Qian,1 N. J. Thomas,1,5 V. Werner,1 E. Williams,1 N. V. Zamfir,1,7 and Jing-ye Zhang8 1Wright Nuclear Structure Laboratory, Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut 06520-8124,(More)