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The elastic scattering cross section of 92 Mo(α,α) 92 Mo has been measured at energies of Ec.m. ≈ 13, 16, and 19 MeV in a wide angular range. The real and imaginary parts of the optical potential for the system 92 Mo-α have been derived at energies around and below the Coulomb barrier. The result fits into the systematic behavior of α-nucleus folding(More)
Lifetime measurements of yrast levels in 162 Yb and 166 Hf were performed using the recoil distance Doppler-shift method in coincidence mode. Excited states in 162 Yb and 166 Hf were populated via the reactions 116 Cd(50 Ti, 4n) and 122 Sn(48 Ti, 4n), respectively. The resulting B(E2) values are compared with the X(5) critical point model predictions and(More)
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