Maria Asunción Vicente

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Recently, a number of empirical studies have compared the performance of PCA and ICA as feature extraction methods in appearance-based object recognition systems, with mixed and seemingly contradictory results. In this paper, we briefly describe the connection between the two methods and argue that whitened PCA may yield identical results to ICA in some(More)
In PHACE syndrome, the acronym PHACE stands for the association of posterior fossa malformations, cervicofacial hemangiomas, arterial anomalies, coarctation and eye anomalies. We report our findings in four patients with this syndrome, in whom it was characterized by complex aortic coarctation that required not only preoperative echocardiographic(More)
The ability of finding its situation in a given environment is crucial for an autonomous agent. While navigating through a space, a mobile robot must be capable of finding its location in a map of the environment (i.e. its pose < x, y, θ >), otherwise, the robot will not be able to complete its task. This problem becomes specially challenging if the robot(More)
BACKGROUND Older persons following a prolonged complex drug regimen often make mistakes when taking their medication. Currently, the widespread use of tablets and smartphones has encouraged the development of applications to support self-management of medication. OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to design, develop and assess an app that transforms(More)
This paper presents an object recognition technique based on projective geometry for industrial pieces that satisfy geometric properties. First at all, we consider some methods of corner detection which are useful for the extraction of interest points in digital images. For object recognition by means of projective invariants, an excessive number of points(More)
The use of interest point detectors and SIFT descriptors for face recognition is studied in this paper. There are two main novelties with respect to previous approaches using SIFT features. First, the use of two scale-invariant interest point detectors (namely, Harris-Laplace and Difference of Gaussians) which are combined in order to detect both(More)
A 3-YEAR-OLD ADOPTED GIRL WAS REFERRED for evaluation of a history of skin fragility andblister formationsinceadoption2years earlier.Althoughthelesionsappearedwidespread, they were mainly located in sites of trauma. They rapidly evolved to crusts, leaving some pigmentary changes. She was a native of the tribe of Ngöbe-Buglé. The adoptive parents were(More)
This paper presents an algorithm to track an industrial robot hand during its movement. Based on acquired image and knowing the robot hand model, the pose is obtained. This information is used to move a pan-tilt camera and keep the robot hand centered in the image every time using an adaptive fuzzy logic controlled. This control law is used combined with a(More)
A redundancy resolution technique devoted to grasp synthesis is presented. Given a set of contact points and a certain robot arm and gripper, the goal is to select both the best assignment of gripper fingers to contact points and the best joint values that allow the fingers to reach such contact points. The system proposed is based on the generation of an(More)