Maria Assunta Manniello

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The Cell Line Data Base (CLDB) is a well-known reference information source on human and animal cell lines including information on more than 6000 cell lines. Main biological features are coded according to controlled vocabularies derived from international lists and taxonomies. HyperCLDB ( is a hypertext version of(More)
The term 'biological resources' is applied to the living biological material collected, held and catalogued in culture collections: bacterial and fungal cultures; animal, human and plant cells; viruses; and isolated genetic material. A wealth of information on these materials has been accumulated in culture collections, and most of this information is(More)
INTRODUCTION Recent discoveries in cell therapy research present new opportunities for cellular products to be used to treat severe, and as yet incurable, diseases. It is therefore essential to implement a quality control programme in order to ensure that safe cells and tissues are provided. METHODS In a preliminary phase of the setting up of a the(More)
In this paper, the current status of the Molecular Probe Data Base ( mpdb.html ) is briefly presented together with a short analysis of its activity during 1997. This has been performed by statistically evaluating the 'logs' of the Internet servers that are used for its distribution with reference to the geographical(More)
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