Maria Assumpta Ortiz Collado

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BACKGROUND Postpartum depression (PPD) and poor childbirth outcomes are associated with poverty; these variables should be addressed by an adapted approach. The aim of this research was to evaluate the impact of an antenatal programme based on a novel psychosomatic approach to pregnancy and delivery, regarding the risk of PPD and childbirth outcomes in(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE Randomized studies to assess postnatal depression and preterm childbirth are rarely in conjunction; the 2 problems are treated separately regardless of their common risk factors. The main objective of this study was to evaluate the effects of a prenatal program based on a psychosomatic approach on the risk of postpartum depression(More)
Verbal auditory hallucinations can have a strong impact on the social and professional functioning of individuals diagnosed with schizophrenia. The safety-seeking behaviours used to reduce the threat associated with voices play a significant role in explaining the functional consequences of auditory hallucinations. Nevertheless, these safety-seeking(More)
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