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Aging is associated with increased levels of coagulation factors and decrease in natural anticoagulant factors. This strongly supports that age-related hypercoagulable state occurs in elderly. This study aimed to measure the plasma levels of coagulation factors and anticoagulant levels in young and elderly to observe the effect of age on haemostatic system.(More)
A study was carried out on the effect of gentamicin on the central auditory pathway in rats. Rats were administered graded doses of gentamicin (60 mg, 100 mg and 160 mg/kg b.wt., i.m.) daily for 21 days. Levels of total lipids, phospholipids and cholesterol showed dose related increment in the central auditory pathway. On the other hand, the rate of lipid(More)
The present series includes 104 cases (36 males and 68 female) of lymph node swellings in the head and neck region in the mean age group of 30.6 years. The aspiration cytology was carried out as an outpatient department procedure and concomittant biopsy was performed in all the cases of this series. The overall diagnoitic accuracy rale of FNAC in the(More)
were assigned to diets containing either 2.17 % limestone or 1.5 % CaCl2 (DM basis) at 3 wk before expected calving date. Test diets were fed only prepartum; at calving, all heifers were offered a lactation diet for 3 wk. Severity of edema was evaluated on a daily basis throughout the experiment. Calcium chloride reduced the severity of edema, although this(More)
Our objective was to evaluate the effectiveness of a low dietary cation-anion balance (DCAB) in preventing milk fever and udder edema in dry cows consuming a high-Ca diet and to evaluate the effect of this diet on calves delivered by these cows. Seventy primiparous or multiparous cows and 50 pregnant heifers were offered alfalfa hay-based diets beginning 4(More)
Hypochromic microcytic anaemia includes iron deficiency, anaemia of chronic disorders, beta thalassemia trait and sideroblastic anaemia. To rule out the cause of hypochromic microcytic anaemia is a diagnostic difficulty. The conventional laboratory tests used for diagnosis have few disadvantages. Serum transferrin receptor (sTfR) is the most reliable method(More)
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