Maria Ask

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Carbonatites are rare, carbonate-rich magmatic rocks that make up a minute portion of the crust only, yet they are of great relevance for our understanding of crustal and mantle processes. Although they occur in all continents and from Archaean to present, the deeper plumbing system of carbonatite ring-complexes is usually poorly constrained. Here, we show(More)
Regression models are extensively used in many epidemiological studies to understand the linkage between specific outcomes of interest and their risk factors. However, regression models in general examine the average effects of the risk factors and ignore subgroups with different risk profiles. As a result, interventions are often geared towards the average(More)
A total of 15 SNPs within complement genes and present on the ImmunoChip were analyzed in The Environmental Determinants of Diabetes in the Young (TEDDY) study. A total of 5474 subjects were followed from three months of age until islet autoimmunity (IA: n = 413) and the subsequent onset of type 1 diabetes (n = 115) for a median of 73 months (IQR 54-91).(More)
  • Ehsan Elhami, Mikael Erlström, Maria Ask, Hans Mattsson
  • 2016
This paper presents the results from a series of physical measurements conducted on core samples from the Swedish part of the southern Baltic Sea. The samples consist of 16 Cambrian sandstone samples (potential reservoir rock) and 9 Ordovician limestone samples (potential caprock). The two rock types reveal contrasting properties; axial P-wave velocity and(More)
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