Maria Aparecida Gouvêa

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Credit models are useful to evaluate the risk of consumer loans. The application of the technique with greater precision of a prediction model will provide financial returns to the institution. In this study a sample set of applicants from a large Brazilian financial institution was focused on in order to develop three models each one based on one of the(More)
a r t i c l e i n f o This study examines the relationship between management accounting and planning profiles in Brazilian companies. The main goal is to understand the consequences of not including a fully structured management accounting scheme in the planning process. The authors conducted a field research among medium and large-sized companies, using a(More)
The aim of this paper is to investigate the constructs of Technology Readiness Index (TRI) and the Decomposed Expectancy Disconfirmation Theory (DEDT) as determinants of satisfaction and continuous use intention in e-learning services applied in public organizations. The research was conducted by online survey in a sample of 343 employees of two public(More)
Under the influence of the early work of the Szent-GyGrgyi school (3, 4), it had become generally accepted that myosin-B1 extracted from muscle with 0.6 M KC1 at a slightly alkaline pH (Weber-Edsall solution) is essentially a complex of actin and myosin. Earlier results, showing a decrease in the viscosity and flow birefringence of myosin-B solutions on the(More)
PURPOSE To explore which measures could predict the persistency of developmental language impairment (DLI) based on the association between the initial language assessment and the therapeutic prognosis of the child. METHODS In this retrospective study, the records of 42 children with diagnosis of DLI were analyzed. Participants' age varied from 21 to 63(More)