Maria Aparecida Andrade Moreira Machado

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Studies on mechanisms underlying the differentiation of dental pulp stem cells are critical for the understanding of the biology of odontogenesis and for dental tissue engineering. Here, we tested the hypothesis that stem cells from exfoliated deciduous teeth (SHED) differentiate into functional odontoblasts and endothelial cells. SHED were seeded in tooth(More)
This study assessed the surface softening and abrasive wear of eroded bovine enamel with or without the influence of toothbrushing. Five volunteers took part in this in situ study of 5 days. They wore acrylic palatal appliances containing 6 bovine enamel blocks divided in two rows with 3 blocks, which corresponded to the studied groups: erosion without(More)
OBJECTIVE In this paper we evaluated the effect of two fluoridated agents and Nd:YAG irradiation separately and in combination on dentine resistance to erosion. BACKGROUND DATA The morphological changes in dentin induced by laser treatment may reduce the progression of erosive lesions. Due to the possibility of a synergistic effect of laser with fluoride,(More)
UNLABELLED Traumatic injuries to the teeth and their supporting structures are frequent in children. Among the traumatic injuries, dental avulsion results in the major functional and esthetic disturbances for patients. PURPOSE The present study's aim was to assess the mothers' level of knowledge and attitude concerning dental avulsion. METHODS A(More)
Patients with Vitamin D-resistant rickets have abnormal tooth morphology such as thin globular dentin and enlarged pulp horns that extend into the dentino-enamel junction. Invasion of the pulp by microorganisms and toxins is inevitable. The increased fibrotic content of the pulp, together with a reduced number of odontoblasts, decreases the response to pulp(More)
BACKGROUND Vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) is a macromolecule of importance in inflammation that has been implicated in periodontitis. The aims of this study were to investigate VEGF expression during the progression of periodontal disease and to evaluate the effect of a preferential cyclooxygenase (COX)-2 inhibitor meloxicam on VEGF expression(More)
UNLABELLED Increasing the intensity of radiation therapy and chemotherapy in the management of cancer has increased the incidence of adverse effects, especially oral mucositis. AIM AND METHODS a bibliographical review was conducted on the definition of oral mucositis, its clinical findings, the incidence, its etiology, the pathophysiology, associated(More)
Dental recordings of 0 to 15-year-old patients assisted at Urgency Dental Service (UDS) from Bauru Dental School, University of São Paulo, in 2001 and 2002, were assessed in order to quantify the number of patients that used the service, to determine attendance patterns, and to record the frequency of different types of dental emergencies and their(More)
This case report outlines an alternative oral rehabilitation treatment of a 4-year-old boy with hypodontia and conical tooth shape, which along with other characteristics led to a suspicious ectodermal dysplasia diagnosis. Diagnostic waxup and a silicone matrix formed the basis to the successful reconstruction of the anterior teeth with resin composite.(More)
This in vitro study evaluated the effect of a prolonged erosive pH cycling on the superficial microhardness change (SMHC) and the erosive wear of different restorative materials. Eighty enamel specimens with prepared cavities of 1.5 x 1.5 mm were randomly divided into eight groups according to the restorative materials used for the fillings (RMGI -(More)