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We conducted a survey on functional gut disorders and health care seeking behavior in a large non-patient population of an Italian region (Umbria). 533 subjects were interviewed by means of a specific questionnaire. 44 (8.5%) reported symptoms compatible with the irritable bowel syndrome, 30 (5.8%) had non-colonic pain, 48 (9.2%) chronic constipation, and(More)
Hypothyroidism may lead to secondary pseudoobstruction. We report a patient with intestinal symptoms from hypothyroidism in which previous conventional examinations were negative. Gastrointestinal manometry disclosed features of pseudoobstruction, and we discuss the importance of performing functional studies in selected cases, in as much as symptoms seemed(More)
BACKGROUND Although previous studies have shown increased mortality in patients with coeliac disease and their relatives, no data are available in relation to different patterns of clinical presentation. We assessed mortality in patients with coeliac disease and their first-degree relatives. METHODS We enrolled, in a prospective cohort study, 1072 adult(More)
As relatively little is known of human colonic motor activity either in health, or in pathological conditions, we investigated mass movements in 14 chronically constipated patients and 18 healthy volunteers. Mass movements were recorded from proximal and distal colon during 24 h (12 noon-12 noon) by a colonoscopically positioned multilumen manometric probe(More)
The cerebrohepatorenal syndrome of Zellweger is a congenital syndrome of multiple manifestations, including hepatomegaly and liver dysfunction. Treatment is generally of a supportive nature, aimed at improving nutrition and growth, controlling the central nervous system symptoms and limiting progression of liver disease. Because the liver disease in(More)
This study was undertaken to evaluate (1) the colonic response to eating for a prolonged time in healthy subjects and patients with the irritable bowel syndrome (IBS); (2) the effect of octylonium bromide, a new smooth muscle relaxant acting by interfering with calcium ion mobilization, on the postprandial colonic motility; and (3) whether chronic gastric(More)
BACKGROUND Colorectal cancer is the second cause of death for tumour worldwide. Among the risk factors for this disease the dietary habits seem to have a pivotal role. An elevated intake of fats causes a high release in the gut lumen of bile acids that are positively correlated with colorectal cancer, since they act as detergents and proliferation(More)
BACKGROUND Chronic anal fissure is a frequent and troubling condition, that may need surgical sphincterotomy for relief of symptoms. However, this approach may yield minor incontinence in up to 30% of cases. Interest has, therefore, recently increased in "chemical sphincterotomy" by using topical glyceryl trinitrate ointment. Unfortunately, there is, to(More)
There are at present few therapeutic alternatives to calcium channel blockers for the medical treatment of patients with nutcracker oesophagus. For this reason, we evaluated by means of a low-compliance manometric system the effect of a new anticholinergic compound, cimetropium bromide (10 mg intravenously), on oesophageal variables of eight patients with(More)
A series of cases of epilepsy with associated bilateral occipital calcifications (EBOC) without signs of phakomatosis and without any disorders known to produce cerebral calcifications have been reported. It is unclear whether EBOC is an incomplete variant of Sturge-Weber disease (SWD) or if it is a different, as yet undefined encephalopathy. We describe(More)