Maria Antonietta Luongo

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A computerized program in BASIC, which integrates the infant's fluid and nutritional requirements per gestational age and weight with the infant's postpartum age, was developed using the Apple II Plus microcomputer, dual floppy disks, and an Epson printer. Daily requirements of fluids, proteins, fat, CHO, vitamins, minerals, and trace elements are computed.(More)
Interviewing the prospective patient for peritoneal dialysis (PD) is a critical step in the development of a relationship between the patient and the PD nurse. Individualizing information for the patient and significant others promotes confidence in making an informed decision. This article presents a five-step approach for interviewing the potential(More)
Body size misperception is common amongst the general public and is a core component of eating disorders and related conditions. While perennial media exposure to the "thin ideal" has been blamed for this misperception, relatively little research has examined visual adaptation as a potential mechanism. We examined the extent to which the bodies of "self"(More)
Residents need to learn how to assess and accommodate to a variety of behaviors and affective styles presented by patients and their families. This requires those skills which enable them to facilitate interactions with people in a positive, effective, and efficient manner. The teaching of these interpersonal and communication skills should incorporate a(More)