Maria Antonia Maisto

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The singular value decomposition of the far-zone scattering operator for weak strip-like scattering objects is studied under multiple view and/or multiple frequency illuminations. The aim is to highlight how such diversities impact the number of degrees of freedom (NDF) of the scattering problem. When the angles of incidence and/or frequencies vary within(More)
Sublingual buprenorphine [Subutex(R)] is used to treat opioid dependence. However, illicit intravenous (IV) injection of buprenorphine is a widespread problem. This survey investigated the IV misuse of buprenorphine among patients receiving drug replacement therapy at the Drug Addiction Centre in Udine, Italy. All patients who were receiving treatment with(More)
owledge accountability connection self-reflection educate action understand communicate listen learn access quality innovation success genuity intellect curiosity challenge create achievement connection self-reflection educate action understand communicate listen learn access ality innovation success ingenuity intellect curiosity challenge knowledge(More)
In this paper the inverse source problem in the presence of a reflecting plane is dealt with for a two-dimensional configuration and bounded rectilinear strip sources. The cases of both orthogonal and parallel (to the reflecting plane) sources are considered. Analytical arguments are developed to estimate the singular value decomposition of the pertinent(More)
In this paper the role of view and frequency diversities in linear inverse scattering problems is analyzed in terms of the singular values behavior of the pertinent scattering operators. In order to obtain analytical results, the analysis is developed within a two-dimensional scalar far-zone configuration. Moreover, the canonical case of strip scatterers is(More)
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